Wabashiki Fish and WIldlife Area


Progress towards the Wabashiki Wetlands initiative can be traced back to the River Committee developed by the Terre Haute Tomorrow organization created in the early 2000s to improve Terre Haute and the surrounding communities. The effort started as a modest 7,000 acre area previously used for various industries, primarily farming. The land was located in the river bottoms and frequently flooded, shortening the season significantly. Through voluntary sales and donation of land, the completion of the Wetlands initiative was steadily approaching. Over the course of a few years, Max Miller, the chair of the committee, had acquired much of the land south of US 40, past Interstate 70, from Interstate 70 past Darwin and north of US 40.

mapIn 2010, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced an expansion of the Wetlands initiative that would turn the original 7,000 acres of wetlands to an enormous 43,000 initiative under the name Wabashiki, the Native Indian name for the Wabash River. Spanning the length of nearly 94 river miles from Shades State Park to Fairbanks Landing Fish and Wildlife Area, a portion of the wetlands is already open to the public. The west bank of the Wabash River between Terre Haute and West Terre Haute is open to the public for recreational activity.

A true gem for the Wabash Valley, the effects of this initiative will be felt in multiple areas. From wildlife to recreational activity to economic growth for the Terre Haute area, the establishment of this fish and wildlife area is the beginning of revitalization for Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley.

Happening Now!!

Max Miller was recently given a great honor by the Wabash Valley Audubon Society for his work with the development of the Wabashiki Wetlands and WIldlife Area.