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WRDBI Board Members

The Board members of Wabash River Development & Beautification Inc. (WRDBI) have dedicated much of the past decade of their lives to realising the fulfillment of the Riverscape Project. Board members donate their time and expertise on a volunteer basis, proving their passion for the community and the Wabash Valley.

WRDBI Board Members

President John Mutchner

John is a local entrepenuer that stepped into the role of President of the WRDBI Board when it branched from the RIver Committee in the early 2000s. John has recruited key members of the board, each of them representing a different sector of the community.

Wetlands Committee Chair Max Miller

Max Miller is a retired community member that was originally involved in the River Committee. He has been the forerunner in the development of the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area, and now brings his expertise to the Riverscape Initiative.

Design & Development Committee Chair Kevin Runion

Kevin Runion is the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management at ISU. He has helped to plan out the use of acquired land, and find land that will best suit the needs and purspose of Riverscape.

Land Acquisition Committee Chair Pat Goodwin

Pat has background with the city of Terre Haute and has helped Riverscape to acquire land on both sides of the River.

Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Pat Ralston

Pat Ralston is the current Vice President of First Financial Bank in Terre Haute. He is also a councilman for Terre Haute District #2.

Funding & Grant Committee Chair Nancy Rogers

Nancy is the current Associate Vice President of Academic Affairsat ISU. She researches and writes grant proposals to help fund projects for the Board.

PR & Marketing Committee Chair Charlie WIlliams

Charlie is President of Williams Randall Marketing. He has lead the promotion of WRDBI and the Riverscape Project in and around Terre Haute, such as the Weekend of the River clean-up initiative in April 2011.



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WRDBI Board Members