1Collaborating Partners

Wabash Valley Community Foundation

The WVCF announced their support of the Riverscape Project in an official capacity in April of 2011. They have been a source of support for much of the growth of Riverscape and their public declaration will greatly help WRDBI realise the Riverscape goals. With their intent to financially support WRDBI, projects may progress at a more rapid pace than we have seen in the past 7 years.

WVCF is currently assisting WRDBI by recieving Membership Funds on behalf of Riverscape through the foundation's donation center. Donations can be made here or by mail:

Wabash Valley Community Foundation
2901 Ohio Boulevard, Suite 153
Terre Haute, IN 47803


What is WVCF?

The WVFC is a public charity created by and for the people in the Wabash Valley. It enables people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about. Donors may give to existing funds or establish a charitable fund at the Foundation by contributing a variety of assets. Community endowment funds allow gifts to grow and be leveraged with other gifts, thus allowing the Foundation to make larger grants with greater impact.

-From the WVCF website