The Riverscape Vision


WRDBI has made strides toward the completion of Riverscape. The wetlands initiative has grown exponentially from the original 7,000 acres. It now expands to nearly 94 river miles or about 43,000 acres. Small pockets of land near 1st street have been purchased on behalf of the initiative, but there is still a lot of land on both sides of the river that will help the expansion.

Indiana State University has also made plans that positively affect Riverscape. Components of their strategic plan describe expanding the campus east towards the river, with a possible athletic complex and student housing. More information


Other community organizations are in support of the Riverscape initiative. They include Terre Haute’s Chamber of Commerce and the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. The Chamber of Commerce has provided administrative support to the board while the Community Foundation has provided a reputable source of support for the board.

For more information, check out our brochure.

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