As a community-based organization, Wabash River Development and Beautification, Inc. needs the support of a widespread base of community members. The individual/corporate membership program provides an opportunity to have a direct impact on preserving the Wabash River and Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area, and revitalizing the Terre Haute riverfront.

The membership program serves the following purposes:

- Provide modest annual operating budget for Wabash River Development and Beautification, Inc. that includes support for educational outreach and other awareness raising activities.
- Financial support for development of amenities in the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area, including a trail system and visitor's center.
- Financial support for implementation of components of Riverscape.
- Private sector advocacy for riverfront development.


- Feature individual and corporate members/sponsors on website.
- Receive E-mail updates/alerts
- Corporate Sponsor/Benefactor/Patron – press release announce company's support of WRBDI.
- Special events/tours? Member events?
- Membership decal for car/other promotional items?

Membership Levels

Individual Membership

Student/Teacher $25
Individual $50
Contributor $100
Supporter $150
Donor $250
Sponsor $500
Benefactor $1000
Patron $5000

Corporate Membership

Corporate Member $500
Corporate Donor $1000
Corporate Sponsor $5000
Corporate Benefactor $10,000
Corporate Patron $25,000